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Vernissage Eröffnung, Eine Anklage an die Migrationspolitik


19:00 h


With the artists and the RE:BORDERS collective: Parwana Amiri, Abou Bakar Sidibé, Salih Basheer, Vincent Haiges, Michél Kekulé, Özlem Sarıyıldız, Chiara Wettmann, Kasia Wojcik.

At the exhibition opening of RE:BORDERS, the curatorial collective and the participating artists will come together under a joint manifesto to send a strong sign of solidarity, in favour of human rights and transnationalism.

Bar operation by Café Cralle | Feminist Pub Collective


Artist tour


16:00 h

Artist tour and curatorial tour by Kasia Wojcik

Designelement, pulverisiert

Filmmaker Abou Bakar Sidibé will show his film "Ma nouvelle vie européenne" (2019), in which he explores the hopes and fears surrounding his arrival in Europe.

Photographer Michél Kekulé and Sidibé will talk about the perspectives of politically engaged photography and video art in the context of migration and flight.


The event will be held in German.

Civil sea rescue: film screening and talk


An evening for civil sea rescue: two documentary short films by Alex Stolz and David Lohmueller and Simon Straekter (produced by BFC.Film) will be shown, documenting the work of both "Resqship" and “Seabird”.

This will be followed by a discussion on the opportunities and challenges of civil sea rescue.


Azeb Ambessa (Solidarity with Refugees in Libya), Philipp Hahn (Chief of Operations of Sea-Watch 5), Sophie Scheytt (Amnesty International), tba

Moderation: Kahbit Ebob Enow


This event will be held in German.

Filmvorführung, Migration und Flucht, Europa

Show & Tell


19:00 h

“Das Jasmin Inferno”: Book presentation Imad Al Suliman in conversation with Clara Bünger.

The author and human rights activist Imad Al Suliman describes his own escape story in his factual novel "Das Jasmin Inferno". 
The reading will allow for an intensive discussion about the personal and emotional experiences surrounding the topic of flight.  
In a subsequent discussion with Left Party MP Clara Bünger, these personal thoughts will be linked to the structural, political events surrounding European migration regimes.

This event will be held in German.

Filmvorführung, Seawatch

Film screening


19:00 h

Migration and nation statehood: evening of dialogue.

In the discourse on human rights and nation statehood, the fates of migrants, refugees, illegalised and stateless people are at the center of the debate.
The discussion evening, accompanied by a performance by the poet Parwana Amiri, invites various experts to share their thoughts on human rights in this global age and statelessness, but also on current European migration policies and possible activist and humanitarian responses to them, with the audience in attendance. 
An open, respectful exchange with the audience is encouraged.

Panel Talk 1 

Human rights in the global age: nation statehood and its challenges

Wolfgang Kaleck (ECCHR, Human rights lawyer), Denis Neselovskyi (Statefree), Chiara Wettmann (Photographer and journalist)


Performance by Parwana Amiri

Panel Talk 2 

European migration politics and activist responses

Sebastian Benedikt (legal anthropologist/migration researcher), Ahmad Ghrewati (activist Seebrücke), Valeria Hänsel (migration expert, medico international), Christian Jakob (journalist).

The event will be held in German, with translation into English.

Buchvorstellung, "Das Jasmininferno", Fluchtgeschichte


19:00 h

Book presentation


Gesprächsabend, Menschenrechte und Nationalstaatlichkeit



19:00 h


Panel Talk


19:00 h

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